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Welcome to Chronicles of an Unlikely Librarian! This is my third semester in the school library program at ODU, and I could not be more excited to take on this fun, creative course this summer.

I call myself an unlikely librarian because academically and professionally, I have kind of been all over the place. I am quite passionate about so many things that don’t always translate smoothly into a career. I have a Bachelors in Art History, a Masters in Women’s and Gender Studies, and am now working on my MS in Education at ODU (with a school library endorsement). I have worked as: a home inspector, a nanny, a (vegetarian) deli meat slicers, an Americorps VISTA community media outreach specialist, a health research recruiter, a bartender, an accountant, and a preschool teacher. Somewhere through and between these positions, I realized that it was really important to me to teach kids how to understand the media they consume, and how to participate in the production of their culture by creating their own media. Thus, this loud, passionate, gypsy of a lady has started down the road of becoming a school librarian.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you accompany me on my journey!



2014-12-24 18.56.51-1
Ashley and her beloved doghter, Ms. Rue McClanahan

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